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Where it started... 


The smell of candy floss. The diesel engines humming. The bright lights and vibrant artwork! These are all things we associate with the fairground and, for many of us, they carry timeless childhood memories. For me it was always a little more than that...
My name is Sven. I am the founder and owner of North Yorkshire Amusements and 'The Little Roundabout'.
As a child, I grew up accustomed to the tradition that a small fair visited my local village green every year; the heavy lorries and showmans' living wagons would pull onto the freshly cut grass then the magic would begin!
This was a classic annual event which I became fascinated with. I would watch the showman erect the rides and stalls from over the school wall and longed to find out more. Unlike the other children, who just wanted a quick spin on the roundabout and to go home with a goldfish, I wanted to be on the other side of the fun and get involved. Over time, I learned  it was not an easy thing to do nor was it to be taken for granted.
I have dedicated my life to traveling British fairgrounds and everything involved with the business. Through helping those in the industry and being intensively involved over the years, I am now proud to be able to present my own fairground! Now I can share a little piece of that magic and passion I have with everybody!
And what of the showman I would watch over the wall on the village green? Well, now in their 70's, I help them and work alongside them as much as I can.
North Yorkshire Amusements strive to be the best; we will leave a lasting smile and treasured memories for young and old alike!

All of our attractions are passionately restored, and maintained 'in house'. 

With over a dozen vintage attractions available to hire for weddings and events, we are continuing to expand yearly.

~ Sven & daughters ~

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