"All of our attractions are presented to a high standard with trained attendants, we operate in a safe, considerate, and respectful manner. We have catered for a wealth of reputable clients including 'York racecourse', 'the station Richmond', and 'Beamish open air museum', we take pride in offering a traditional, first class family orientated experience"    


1940's Hand turned childrens roundabout

Our very popular, 1940's childrens roundabout. Can be erected anywhere with trailer access in 30 minutes, and requires no electric or smelly generators. Suitable for children upto 8years (height dependant) Check out 'The little roundabout' section for more details 

Childrens vintage swingboats ride

Traditional childrens swingboats

Just like days gone by, or a trip to the seaside.. No fair is complete without a set of 'Shuggys'.
Our vintage 1940s swingboats have been restored to a high standard, 4 decorated boats can hold riders upto 10 years old (height dependant). Our boats can be erected almost anywhere in around 60 minutes but prefer soft ground. Great for weddings, galas, weekend events or period events.

Test your strength striker

Vintage test your strength 'striker' game

A timeless classic, common on all british fairgrounds since the 1800's... This attraction really brings out the smiles, is suitable for all ages, and can be set up anywhere in minutes!


Vintage bucket & ball game

Once a popular sight on every fairground, the bucket's & ball's are a game of skill, yet easy and fun for all ages. Can be erected anywhere in minutes!

Shooting Gallery

Traditional shooting gallery

No funfair is complete without an authentic shooting gallery! our target gallery provides a traditional, competitive experience for any occasion. Our gallery uses safe, low powered air pistols & rifles, using corks and soft pellets to knock down targets.

Can be erected anywhere with trailer access in under 30 minutes!



Traditional candy floss cart

Who cant resist the sweet smell and fluffy texture of this iconic treat? Our traditional candy floss & popcorn cart is ideal for weddings, christening & birthday parties, themed events, corporate days and even christmas fairs.

We carry appropriate hygiene certification, and can setup in any location, but prefer shelter!

Auto-Gift machine

Vintage Auto-Gift machine

Once a common sight on all British funfairs, Auto-gift machines were self made by showman using cigarette machine mechanisms. Once a coin was inserted the drawer would be pulled open to receive a boxed novelty prize, due to changes in society and obtaining suitable prizes and boxes, these machines dwindled. Only a handful currently operate for the public.
The Auto-Gift machine is a guaranteed prize every time and looks fantastic in any setting, looking for an unusual way to dish out your wedding favors? look no further! 

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