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The Little Roundabout 

Original 1940s Coulson 'Minor Mobile' childrens roundabout 

Passionately and lovingly restored 

Coulson Minor Mobile Roundabout Ride

We purchased our Minor Mobile Roundabout in 2018 from the Newbury district 'Lions Club' near Reading where it had been occasionally used for charity events. The club owned the roundabout for around 10 years after it was donated from another district's club. Prior to this, little history is known. However, we are positive the roundabout in the photograph above is ours; it was taken in 1961 at Westbrook marina in Margate, Kent. The roundabout has had a full restoration, the majority is original and the small parts that needed replacing were made to original specification. Even the paint colour scheme is exactly the same as it left the workshop over 70 years ago! Lets hope the little roundabout continues to bring lasting memories and smiles for another 70 years and more!

​​The roundabout is only 10ft in diameter, trailer mounted, and can be erected almost anywhere inside and out in under 30 minutes. It is completely eco-friendly and is hand operated (no smelly, noisy, diesel generators!), only requiring a strong arm and a good cup of tea! 


It is our greatest pleasure to share the roundabout with everybody. Get in touch to have it at your next event!

Our Roundabout... 

Beautifully restored for all to enjoy 

F.W. Coulson - History 

F.W. Coulson was founded by Cyril Coulson during the early 1940s. Cyril was a pipe welder by trade and used his skills to manufacture juvenile fairground rides. Originally, the workshop was based in the old school on Colstgate Hill, Ripon, which still stands today. The Coulson works, when in full operation, had around 80 employees. The company rapidly gained a good reputation throughout the industry for quality. Coulson works were well known for producing large toysets, however Cyril designed and focused on manufacturing a revolutionary new product: this would become known as the 'minor mobile'. This little toyset was only 10ft in diameter, hand operated, trailer mounted and ahead of its time in terms of design and build materials. Cyril produced a small number before pushing the advertising. He then attended the amusement trade exhibition in London. With interest rising and orders being placed, Cyril decided to attend and showcase the roundabout at the Festival of Britain 1951. The morning before setting up, Cyril was involved in a car accident and tragically passed away aged only 36. Due to Cyril's death, the Minor Mobile came to an end. Coulson works continued to operate under Cyril's sister Joan and partner Brittan until the late 1950s, before transferring to Allan Groves and trading finally ceased in the mid 1960s.
Approximately 16 Minor Mobiles were manufactured. Only a handful are still operating today and ours is the most original one there is!

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